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About the Game!

Bop A Dork is a fast paced Arcade style game where the object of the game is to bop as many dorks as you can out of 100. Be careful though, a random dork is chosen at the beginning of each round that is not supposed to be hit. Bopping this dork will take away points.

Track your progress!

Track you dork bopping stats by checking out the Dork Statistics screen. There you can see how many times you've played the game, how many dorks you've bopped and much more.

The Dorks

Bop A Dork features 9 unique characters that randomly appear for your bopping pleasure. Each character makes a different sound upon being bopped. See how many different sound combinations there are!


Can you unlock all of the awards? Check out the Awards screen to see what awards you can unlock. Some awards are pretty easy to achieve, others are not so easy. Can you score a perfect 100 point game?