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About the Game!

Welcome to the world of Number Grubber. Number Grubber is an updated twist on a timeless educational classic. Number Grubber's eat numbers and this little guy is hungry. Help the Number Grubber tame his appetite by playing through 80 levels of fast paced number eating action. Each level requires a different set of number to be eaten. Odd numbers, even numbers, multiples of 2, multiples of 6, the combinations go on and on.

Unfortunately there are those who would attempt to deprive Number Grubber of his cravings. Watch out for villainous moles that will try to get in the way of your number eating quest. Its a little known fact that number grubbers are allergic to bees. Number grubbers become confused when they get stung by a bee. They go left when they should go right and up when they should go down. But do not worry, eating a correct number will cure him of his infliction.

Afraid of the dark? Don't be! Number grubbers glow in the dark but not too bright. Finding those numbers will be a lot harder when the sun goes down.

Number Grubber is fun for children of all ages. Complete the levels as fast as you can to earn stars. You'll need those stars to unlock future levels.